Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Personal Blog

What is blogging for you?

Something lika a diary to describe your life as a whole or an experiment?

Do you get frustrated over too less readers?

Visit the group for bloggers I founded many years ago, Get Your Blog Readers.

This group had another kind of name a few years ago called Get Your Blog Followers.Then why did I change the name of it?

Much of the thinking online is about numbers, numbers and numbers.

Don´t exaggerate this now.It´s also about how much of interest in your blog these are showing.The followers or as one could more authentically see it, readers aren´t coming your way too easily, you need to drive traffic to your blog with the help of marketing tools.Everyone does this and you are no exception, you will need these tools as well.

Blogging for you should be something that shows the inspiration you have for the life itself.

Your own thinking should be more based on quality and content.There is no factor like the contentfactor when it comes to crawl on the search engines.

The first years I tried to learn more about SEO, it was hard for me to understand anything at all about it.Eventually, as time went by, I learned more and more to value the content of my blog.Is the content up to date? Is it relevant for the topics of my blog as a whole and finally, is it updated to the current topic I have on the latest post?

Do you use to include hyperlinks from time to time? Do you have any images or videos on them?

Try to have important variation in your writings and don´t repeat too much.Try to see things and views in a new and different angle the next time you are writing.

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