Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tips and Timing

Now, my fundshares are on plus again after a time of recovery.

Listen to advises from real experts who know what they are talking about.Everything is about balance both in the market analysis and sharing the best advises.

Trying to predict the future and what are real opportunities when it comes to funds and stocks is definitely based on how much experience the investors have.

And beeing updated each and every day.

We can read about a lot of tips and predictons.There was a scamprediction about the first of Oct. that a marketcrash would come then.It never happened.And the scamartist who predicted that had spent a while in prison before that due to another fraud he was responsible for.

They claim that they come from Windows and are the support there, they claim they are represent big companies overall, we have heard a lot of that garbage.

1.Learn new knowledge

Practise these four truths when you are going through your fund or stockschool and you will 
find your working system.

Never Give Up!!

By the way, sharing my latest video here called,

A Social Trip To Reality:

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