Tuesday, December 15, 2015

1-2-3.....Financial Freedom

The StockMarket uses to end strong for the year.

We may see the same scenario this year.

About predictions on The Stockmarket....

We can´t exactly predict everything but what we can, we should do.Hanging on the market analysis and read articles.Even the experts are predicting wrong from time to time.They may predict as they wish it would be.

Of course, if an investor is investing in gold, for example, he would want the value increase on gold that specific year or period.

Analysing it on the long term is more a question about patience and understanding the demand of the metal or whatever you are investing in for the moment.I am pretty often investing in the new technology via funds.As you may know by now I am also considering the Mornigsstarranking.

Learning to save in funds and stocks is a very good idea for the day when you will retire.It could still be many years to that date but you won´t regret if you are learning the necessary principals for that.

1.Save on the long term.
2.Pay off your debts.
3.Learn about financial freedom.

Don´t be forced to aim for the long term in everything though......you may want to bring in some profits on the short term.Be somewhat flexible overall even if you have a certain system.

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