Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Decide your own future

If you write that you dislike something on Facebook, what kind of reactions do you get?

Are we adults in our ways mature enough to handle debates on social media overall?

We should be able to handle even political debates there as well.

The truth is that people of a certain religion, namely Islam, are soemtimes ready to kill for reasons as cartoons and simple jokes.How on earth could these kind of people ever be able to integrate in our societies if they can´t handle one debate without being ready to kill after them?

Not only muslims but immigrants overall must be able to integrate within our societies the better way.Not to mention the need of getting educated and getting the sufficient knowledge they need to live without being stuck in ghettolike communities.

To take it one step further and talk about learning something about a nations culture can be controversial but yet necessary to get nations, socities and communities to be more stable and homogen.

How are you communicating with people from other cultures? Do you search after the crucial information on Google or are you satisfied with only gutfeeling there?

A big breathe after the laughter......

Don´t swallow all of this but anyway, there are a lot of points in what this guy is telling you.Sweden isn´t as safe as he is telling you.However, I love my homeland even if there are a lot of problems to solve in a time like this.

Learning about american culture is of course a good idea as I suppose you are interacting with many americans through the net when you are doing business online.

Does the american dream still live?

Depends how you see it.Your own choices in your life will decide your own future.

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