Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Get strong through your weaknesses

Forrest Gump is a fascinating movie.

He was considered as a crazy fellow who didn´t undersand a lot.When it then was shown the gifts he had, many were amazed.

Isn´t it pretty dangerous to judge people only on the surface?

There could be more gifts in peoples lives than you might think at the first glance.People judge others very harsh in this society.

It can even be embarassing to show obvious love for others in this kind of society and rather look down on peoples weaknesses.

The nazis and communists have always been like that in their thinking.Sick ideologies where only the strongest kind of people counts and where the weak people never get their chances to show what they can.I may not be so weak myself but I can feel sympathy for "outsiders" who get judged early in their lives and looked down on.

If it´s something I would like to see more of in the church it is caring about homeless people and other weak ones who need a lot of help in this society.

How could they else get into function otherwise?

Sympathy and caring for others is a foundation in the nature of our hearts or do I have to say that it should be?

Cause, if this isn´t a clear truth for you, you should examine your own heart.

The clear purpose of all music, at least to me, is that the best and most passionate music touches my heart.

Here, one of my absolute favorites...

If you are my regular reader, you are one of my favorites.

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