Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Get Your Blog Readers

Blog about the things you like whether you get any comments or not.

As long as I was an affiliate marketer I recieved more comments than now even if I know that I have my regular readers.

How many likes do you get on Facebook then?

I care about likes but eventhough I am not too dependant of them.I have to continue to write about the things you are convinced about.

Do have some variation in your blogging.Don´t repeat too much.

The things you should repeat though.....

1.Search after a group on fb which deals with your topic or content of your blog.
2.Get Your Blog Readers
3.Value your content on your blog
4.Listen to your readers
5.Use your graphics or videos

Do you like your girlfriend? If it´s normal you should do it and invite her to different activities as cinema and a dinner.Buy flowers and chocolate to her.

Well, do you love and do you have a passion for your activities online?

Even if you are running a businessblog you could share tips which the average man could use for their lives.

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