Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Climate Changes

The Markets were down very dramatically yesterday due to the situation on the China Market.

I believe that China has gone in to the phase were they have to realize that they just has to deal with their smog problems and negative impact on the environment.

Ok, let´s face it.

Thay have an impact on the markets those days in a way we haven´t seen before.But sooner or later the reality would catch up with that train and now after the meeting about the climate changes in Paris they and US. have to contribute in a more responsible way that before.

The question is then, who can you trust and who can´t you trust when it comes to delivering facts about the climate changes? Look at the video above and you will hear about both serious scientists delivering true facts but also unfortunately you will hear about a kind of manipulation about the situation.

So, what source should you listen to?

You have to do your homework on this to get your own opinion about the whole picture of it.

Back to China again.

In that situation there are no doubts at all.

Here is the smog and negative impact on the air so physical and crystal clear that you can see it for yourself.

When they are putting an oildrill on the ground of the sea and there are dead fishes as the fruit of their activities some months later, you can make your own judgement about it.

Paint your own picture about how far we have to go in this battle on climate changes but don´t swallow what each and every scientist claim for numbers about it.

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