Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Educated Experts, Not Fake Clowns

How is the market looking today?

Take a look:


About predictions here.How easy is it to predict about the future when it comes to funds, stocks, forex trading or commodoties?

Not easy at all.

We have seen famous financial experts go in the wrong direction here and we have seen the average investor and saver been lucky enough to chose the right stocks as well.

Does this mean that it is worthless and a waste of time to read articles about investments and watch videos about it?

Of course not.Experience counts and makes a difference, believe me.How ever, if you are following the experts in a blindfold way, you will go astray.

Let me take an example.In the beginning of the last year many experts put their trust in a raised value of gold and silver but oooopppssss.....

It went straight downward instead.

Now, predicitions on this year and how trustworthy they could be as tips for you.And before we are taking a look at it I have to say that you have to paint your own picture on how trustworthy different tips are at all.

You can imagine how rich one investor is today who bought their stocks in Google when it was introduced on the stockmarket many years ago.Techfunds and techstocks in the new technology should be something to recommend for the year.The best funds I am putting my money in are funds where they are investing in the new technology.

Why are so many experts trying to predict crashes on the market?

They are so rich that they even know how to invest during the real hard financial times so they don´t care.

Do you think that they are thinking about the small investor and care for the small savers?

Not a single minute,

The most rich people on earth don´t ever get enough of money, they want more, more, more and even more in their greediness.Don´t trust them.

Trust those who are showing some kind of ethics in it all and who really are educated experts in their area.


My new song here to you all.......

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