Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Investor´s Dilemma

What can you learn from You Tube-videos?

Many things indeed.There are both funny videos but also very educating videos.

Then, what do you prefer?

Many are saying that the whole internet has the purpose to solely entertain people.

But is that the whole picture of it?

No, it has also an educating task.The future of education will probably include more webinars and examinations of people online.Many are saying that it´s so easy to use the latest technology for entertainment and that is true.However, in the classroom, in the world of pupils, they need to be aware of the crucial way of using it to learn something of value.

Bring back the creativity into the classrooms again.If the pupils are scared to death for making mistakes we need to motivate them being creative again and not let all these fears run them in all confusing directions.

Could this help their results in the end?

I am sure that is one of the solutions.

We need to believe in their ability to learn the necessary skills to fulfill their education.

Educate them in a creative way.

The teacher who is able to motivate their pupils to learn more will be the winner amongst teachers.

How about the markets today then?

Take a look at  The Wall Street Journal.

Finally, a funny video here on the investor´s dilemma.....

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