Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Achieve Good Communication

What do you have for kind of obstacles to real good communication?

Fear, worries, an anxious mind, a suspicious mind?

I am sure you have heard this classical song of Elvis.

Perfect love drives out the fear.With fear comes a suspicious mind and you know we all have a measure of that to get rid of.

And what other kind of obstacles?

A lack of focus on what you are doing.Keep your focus on what you are doing in your life.I don´t know what kind of passion you have but keep your focus right to achieve your goal.

I am sure that goal impressed your person.

How about the goals you want to achieve in your personal life?

I hope not the "mindfog" makes a snake that will eat up your energy to achieve that.

However, be reasonable in your mindset.Don´t put up your ambition to a level your can´t achieve but keep it realistic, out from your need and potential.

The vs.-list to remember:

1.Love and not Fear
2.Hope and not worries
3.Keep the faith and never give up!
4.Honesty and not lies.

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