Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Converting passive members to active ones

I am running a few groups on Facebook.

The first one I made a hyperlink to is a group for investors.If you are interested in investments overall you should join that group.

That group is aiming for sharing tips and videos about different form of investments that you may be interested in.

The group I have been running for a long time is Get Your Blog Readers.

It was called Get Your Blog Followers before so I changed the name of it.


Simply because I wanted it to be more authentic than before.I am sure you have wondered why so many members in those groups on FB are so passive in relation to the number of members overall.

Don´t nag or complain on that fact too often cause that is a fact everywhere online in all sorts of social networks, opportunities and sites overall.

It is easy to sign up but yet harder to convert a passive member to an active one.

Consider the video as a metaphor for the theme.

Let me share the link to my latest group I am running,

This is a group where we mostly are sharing our favorites from the musicworld but also some 
humorous content.

We all know there are several areas of our lives where we want to see evolvement, we want to keep many things going on at the same time.

It is easy to get nostalgic when you want to share a favorite video.....

Concluding for today and this week......

Keep your energy in what really produces good results.When it comes to the stock market, don´t look there too often, give your investments and savings time to grow over time.

Soon And Very Soon........

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