Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Investing time with friends

The market is always sensitive to the political situation.

The stockmarket is recovering now and the experts in Sweden believe that it will hold to the beginning of April.

The money come on the long term when it comes to fundshares.If you are investing solely in stocks, then it may come on the short term, but also there you may need to wait half a year to see the results.

The philosophy of investing, what is that then?

Of course, there are a lot of articles on this topic and you are able to do your own search on this.

Philosophy and the specific technique is two different things.Your philosophy around something is more what purpose or what meaning you find within it.Investments in money is the most common association.

Do you spend time with family and friends?

An investor is a businessman, whether he/she is investing on full or parttime.When you will retire you can continue to save and investing besides the money coming in.

My point here is when you are spending time with friends, you are truly investing your time in something worthful.

Get Ready To Rock Again,

My blog is going through major changes right now to a music direction and therefore I have changed the topic of my blog.

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