Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two or Three Baskets

A storm is on its way again over our nation.

Reminds me about the political turbulence in our nation right now.

Turn it to order and righteousness as soon as possible.

What will come out of this?

In every time of problems whether it is concerning the financies or other area of the society it will take years to recover.

Then, what areas are we Swedes good at in this time then?

I would say, a swing concerning the environment, evolvement of computer games and musicexport.

Will the environment turn to the better automatically?

Of course not, we have to take our responsibility and do what we can.

The markets are still down and making a negative record initially in the beginning 
of this year so we should be able to see a rising on the markets soon, that´s a guess from my side.

You may think....look there, if you are putting your money in funds or stocks the many guesses are there but if you would return to affiliate marketing the guesswork is gone.

You are wrong.There are no guarantees whether you are putting your money in one or the other area.However, in the light of a fair comparison I would point out that my fundsystem produces more as I have more money in different fundshares and it is easier run inside the internetbank instead of the many risks there could be in the hands of the third hand, a payment processor.

Whatever you are investing in, make sure not to invest more than you can afford to lose and as always, don´t put all your eggs in one and the same basket.....


Bob Scotney said...

Your storm must be the one we had yesterday and last night. It blew all cobwebs away but the stock market down.

Adriene Joyce said...

I don't know much of anything about world economics but it does seem that the system is breaking down all over. I suspect there will have to be a shift in the world paradigm or else we will all collapse!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Bob.

In fact, this one just passed away without making an impact on us of one or the other reason.I suppose we had some luck this time.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Adriene.

True, the world economics has been really shaky the whole fall last year and still is.However, there use to be both ups and downs in the whole global market.