Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hammond, Yesterday and Today.

Hammond is an instrument which has been used for a long time.

Not to mention how often it is used in the world of gospel:

Gospel is like the foundation for both blues and rock´n roll overall.

Emerson Lake & Palmer is a group who took on Mussorgsky´s

Pictures at an Excibition.

How about the modern hammondplayer? It´s about finding the examples which fit in here.

Impressive, or? Pretty much a genius hammondplayer there.

Can you live your life without music?

It´s like the lifeblood within us, at least for me.

Hammond is like the rock and blues overall, it will never die.One could feel that some nearly despises the old school of music as traditional blues, rock and hardrock but believe me, that niches will never die they will always have their fans.


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