Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The History Of the Hammond

Today our prayers go to the victims for these barbarian terrorists down in Brussels.

I don´t know how to blog after this horrible action.It´s another attack on our open democratic society.

How can we protect against those terrorists?

There are no guarantees here but we have to be aware of these psychopats and the beastnature they have.

Now to something else.

My first hammondteacher was definitely Jon Lord, who passed away 2012.

You could pay an attention to the History of the Hammond Organ.

What about the nature of a hammond? Its warm and kind of rocksound makes me want to play and sing.

But that´s not all!

To share your music with others should be your passion.

The tool to the hammond is foremost different brands and models of the typical Lesley.

Well, how about the giants of the hammondorgan today? Are they still active if they say, started around the time of the 70´s or 80´s?


Hammond Organ - Giant Steps changes, pedaling and improv by Joe Doria......

Stay Tuned For More!!

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