Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Does the guitarplayer makes the organist or vice versa?

I have played in a few rockgroups in earlier days.All three of them were christian rockbands, the most of the style were pretty heavy hardrock, though with a lot of melody and harmony especially between the guitar and the keyboardist.

I used the hammond in one of the bands (Solid Faith) and used the organ sound together with many synthsounds in the other two of bands.

I haven´t any videos from these earlier days but wait.....I want to share one of my instrumental songs here.....

What kind of favoritebands do you have? Do you have favoritebands in all kind of genres or do just like one type of music in your whole life? Here comes an interesting connection between hardrockplaying Malmsteen....

Many hammondplayers in heavy bands like the intro from the Toccata,,,,

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