Friday, April 15, 2016

From Blues to Whitesnake

Are you able to blog without chocolate and a cup of coffee? I must have it and I must have it now.....

We humans are somewhat dependant of coffee, at least we Swedes.In the end it isn´t dangerous with some cups of coffee every day, you won´t die of it.

You will need that energy which sparks the energy in your life.

It is Friday, as they say.....

Are you the blogmaster or have you just begun on your journey through the blogosphere? don´t fear, we all have a lot to learn.Some of us have been blogging a longer time than others so we should potentially have more to share of knowledge than the beginner amongst bloggers.

However, blogging is a lifestyle where you want to pick glimpses in your everyday life to bring the puzzle together on your blog.

Does your everyday life have a bluesfeeling?

Playing the slow blues requires the patience and the slow mood for it.

Many of us hammondlovers love that catwalk on the organ to bring forth the right feeling of the hammond as a whole.

There you are able to see Jon Lord´s final performace with Whitesnake!

My contribution of the week......

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