Saturday, April 30, 2016

Similar Sounds

Do you want to share your favorite video from You Tube?

Share Your The You Tube-Favorite

For those who are used to search on sites where you know you shouldn´t stay on, get used to better habits instead.

You know it isn´t good for you to search on these kind of dirty sites where you are put to risk all the time whether they are dirty in form of porn, racism, ponzi-schemes or any other form of dangerous and virusspreading sites.They could be extreme islamic sites where even IS want to decieve you.

Let us talk about the goldmine where you can find your favorites amongst hammondvideos.

Here, You Tube again with another favorite amongst Don Airey-videos.....

K2, a mighty mountain......alliteration.

Someone may wonder these days if I gave up on investing in fundshares?

No way.I am still saving/investing in fundshares but I wanted to share from my passion for music and especially the world of hammondbased music.

As you understand I will touch ground with keyboards which have similar sounds as the hammond has.


My latest contribution here, _Turn The Power On!

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