Saturday, May 14, 2016

Many Stars

What kind of obstacle do you have in your life?

A spell is a strong word, yet it is important to use it in the right moment.

If a spell is broken in the power of Christ, then the blessing could flow in your life again.

Just like that, on all areas at the same time?

No, not that simple, it will come by grace.

Are you a preacher now?

Not on my blog but here and then I want to share some truths from my personal experience as a believer.This is a musicblog.However, it is also a blog for bloggers overall so I want to share some tips for blogger in general from time to time even if I have found a niche in the world of hammond and music interests connected to hammondbased music.

Break The Spell!

Get into the room and if you won´t find the opportunities there, open the next door to a new room and search again.

Never Give Up!

Like a dream.Flee the evil forces and find the protection and freedom at last.


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