Monday, May 9, 2016

Doing The Hit, Or?

Do you respect other people?

Why this question, you may ask.


Convey this kind of good thinking to build good networks online overall.

Too many users of usual social media despise other people and aren´t respectful at all.

Remember that many people today are pretty well dependant of social media today in their contact
with the surrounding world.

Well, you may think, I am tough and a macho man.However, to release the good and creative forces, to encourage others in their gifts is, of course something crucial, to allow.

We should, of course always aim for doing our best whatever we do but we need to have fun in our lives as well.

Debates could be useful but they can be very decieving other times.

You should avoid endless debates where you don´t see any good fruit or debates which never produce something real.

Then, what is real music and what is only empty trends?

That is something you have to judge about.

This guy is talking about listening to others.I am wondering if he practices this himself as he records this video very, very fast and he talks very fast.

He is just talking about music in a general way.This video is not a good example, let´s hear the real music instead.....

You should compare this version with a very uniqe variation here.....

Don´t complain to me about destroying the hit.The lovers of jazz may like the experiement.

Finally, my latest production....

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