Sunday, May 29, 2016

Is This Love?

Entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment....

That can´t be all of it.

You should consider an angle of education when you are approaching your bloggingplans as well.

Is it only those who get a millions of hits on their sites or blogs who counts?

No.If you are in the beginning of you blogging, don´t give in.

The results won´t come "overnight".You will need years of experience to reach your audience.

I know how it is.

You will either only hear about the fraud or hear about those who are geniuses amongst entrepreneurs.Do know that you will need your passion to build your circle of followers and readers.

Hear, my latest video again.Do you think you have the order you want in your nation.Does your nation need more of order or righteousness? Of course it needs that.

The Cry In the Storm is about that.

Your freedom lies on the other side of the street.......

Just kiddin´a little.

No, but it lies on the other side of your fears cause you need to examine your heart and soul to know what kind of fears and worries that tries to fool you.

Is it foolishness to fall in love?

Of course not.

Yet you need to be sober through it all.Freedom To Speech, love, passion and order need to increase in the nations overall, yet so hard to understand for the average man.You are a human and want less of hatred on the net, eh?


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