Sunday, May 22, 2016

Now What?!

Got some feedback on my latest song that I should include more singing on my tracks.

I appreciate feedback and probably I will include more lyrics and singing on my reorded songs.

Many Stars Here:

An ordinary Sunday in an extraordinary time, I would like to express it.

Let the energy flow.

The Grand Final coming in the world of hockey.First the Bronzematch between
Russia and U.S.Russia scored first and 1-0 to Mother Russia.

You wouldn´t complain on the size of that keyboard, eh?

As you know I am sharing a lof from the Big Hardrocking Band Deep Purple, and here some stuff from their latest album Now Whar?!

The members of Purple are old now but yet travelling around playing like they would forever playing, hehe....

An impressive carreer with a lot of stories to tell.

Of course, I have other favorites, yet this band is special as they always include a lot of improvisation and imagination in every concert.

As expected, Russia now playing out the cards and 2-0.

See You All!


The Cry In the Storm Here...

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