Monday, June 6, 2016

Mattias Kroon Band

I changed the topic of my blog again.

It was needed.I have to describe the way I am on now, the path.

If you know someone who might be intersted in my music in one way or the other, who might be interested to set something up for bringing progressive musicians together, then let me know.

In times of empty hip-hop and rapcrap we absolutely need the more harmonic music, the exciting parts of music that were so ususal on the 70:s and 80:s.

We need more progressive iniatives in the musicworld overall in a time where too much of music has lost its real content to live up to what it should be, the artistic and cultural music.

Many experts say the same today.Many festivals in the 70:s surely had its need of more conservative values but they surely had much of exciting bands putting the immortal music of their times together.

Let it live and let it be......

You should only change the parts in society you have a need to change.Today we have many problems in our nations connected to attempts to put aside parts of the culture we like to have and I don´t like that.Especially not on our national day where we want to salute our nation and our history.On a day where we want to be proud of what our forefathers have built up.

However, a change in the world and industry of music is surely needed today where much of it has lost its content, where we want the artistic and progressive forces be more visible.

I want you to listen to this one again where I am telling you about the band I was playing in for a while when I moved to this beautiful town, Jonkoping in the southern part of Sweden.


Tell Me The Story....

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