Tuesday, July 12, 2016

From Toccata to Rock

Now, how easy it is to make a video and thereafter share it with the cyberworld.

First I record the initial track on the keyboard.Then I record the rest and sometimes singing at the same time with my Olympus Digicamera.

I haven´t been able to record in a studio yet but inte the past I did with one of the bands I played with, Solid Faith, a local band here in Jonkoping.

Unfortunately I haven´t a video with us from that time, it was way ago in the past.

Let me share my latest video here, enyoy it!

Ok, for my international bloggerfriends here, the lyric is in swedish.

It goes The King And the Queen!

Which way you want to go in your life is up to you!

You have to be in control!

During the years as a musician I have learnt a lot from the sounds and world of church organs....

I used the initial part of this masterpiece when I made the intro to the concerts in one of the bands I played with.

There, the legend Jon Lord using the Toccata and many other solos in those performances.

Jens Johansson from Stratovarius here.....

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