Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mind And Heart

Europe is under attack from terrorists.

Of course, everyone knows this.But the overall picture now is that IS has lost big areas in Syria and Iraq.Their economy has become very much weaker too.

So, is the threat from extreme muslims over for now?

No, not at all.We, the western world needs to defeat these networks of terror.Of course, the resources are prayers, traditional policework, different secret services and if it´s needed the military as well.

Don´t stop living though.We can´t let those predators of terror win over democracy.

In fact, I have a song about this and a statement against evil forces overall:

I wouldn´t say I have founded a political kind of group, I have a vision with what I am doing.For now, it is a project where I want to express my music to people I can reach on the net.If it´s possible I want to connect to a local group or something 

My christian faith is something I stand up for clear and obvious though.

Picking up old favorites is a favorite of mine even if I don´t want to be too oldfashioned, so to speak.

So, let´s go back to the times where today´s rock´n roll and traditional popmusic was founded.

Even before that we would have to go back to the days of gospel and blues to pick up the old roots.

A wellknown Beatlessong is this one, isn´t it?

Shake your head as you don´t know anything in this world.....

No, just a pretty joke, I suppose you are more smarter than anyone of us.

Use both your mind and heart.......remind us about who we are!

My latest contribution here:


Here, the performance of Misty....

Stay tuned for the next blogpost coming soon....

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