Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Music For Real

Now I am having my vacation.

Blogging is easy.You only have to pick up a subject which has with your life to do overall.

Are you living your dream? Is that easy to achieve?

Everything which sounds too good to be true isn´t like that but a real dream which really is achieveable yet hard, is something to strive for.

Your dream.

The way to it could include many different goals, many steps to achieve the results.
Do you have to train more, do you have to read more articles.

As you may know I have been marketing opportunities with success, al least success to a degree.

I learned a lot.There were many scams to avoid, yet there are real opportuinities out there which works, after all.However, for now I am striving for marketing my own band with the attempt to create contacts and hopefully more attention to what I am making for kind of music.I will take it step by step so I won´t try to predict huge results in a couple of years from now but just telling my readers that I am on another kind of venture right now.

My conscience is good, I haven´t ever been blogging with the aim to fool anyone.The goal is only to inspire other bloggers to learn more and take their blogging to a new level.

Always bear in mind that you should try to evolve what you are doing, whether you still are a marketer online, an investor or a musician.

I am not only a selftaught musician cause in early years we had music on the scheme and it was fun to learn the theory behind it all.

You are the music in me.


Where are the gifts coming from?

From God? From universe? Are they just there without a reason.For me as a christian the answer is there, the music is a gift from above.for the non-believer the answer would be more complex and complicated......

It´s about entertaining from the beginning to the end.....

We are simply musicians from the beginning, it´s just there.

Whatever conclusion you would come to, you have to admit, without music the life wouldn´t be real.

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