Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From Slow To Speed

Do you like the slow or the speed in the world of music?

Start with the slow and you could find a masterpiece like this:

The next time you might be in another kind of  mood and want to listen to a faster piece of music:

And there in between, where do we go then?

The terms and themes of music have always included expressions like adagio, legato, forte fortissimo and crescendo, for example to describe the different variations of tempo and volume in the music.

One can be amazed how much influence classical music had on organists like Jon Lord

Yngwiee Malmsteen  has always been inspired by famous classical music.In fact, it happens pretty often that hardrock and metal matches the world of classical music.

So what about doing it all together?


My latest song here about the hidden secrets....


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