Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Future Schock

This summer there have been many issues with sexual assaults at different music festivals.

Why can´t they control themselves?

Are the temptations so hard to control?

I have facts who they are who use to be overrepresentated here amongst these crimes but I won´t go into details here about that.

My main point here is to show that we can be able to go and listen solely to music and respect each other when it comes to these kind of situations and issues.

I as a man can watch at a woman and absolutely appreciate her shape and body without being weird in my behaviour or thinking.We don´t need to give room at weird fantasies, we can stick to a normal thinking at this area.

Ehhhh, you may think.....isn´t rock about sex, drugs and rock´n roll?

The most common thinking goes that way but for me as a christian I want to think with dignity and enough morality after all.Even if we all are human we need to take control of our emotions and thinking not to be decieved too easily of temptations towards pornsites and similar.

There. speeches against trafficking in Guyana.

Today´s first musicvideo comes from the group I have founded, Share The You Tube-Favorite.....

You are simply invited to take part of that group and the videos there.

And as you have heard a thousands of times if you have been an affiliate marketer of some reason:

This isn´t all!!!!

Hehe, joking a little.

I have learned a lot of expressions during my time as an affiliate marketer.

I could use some of them while others were empty and useless.One point here is that the most in that area of marketing won´t ever make the big money but rather pennies.However, I also have to say that the real possibilities to make real good money actual exist.My venture into an area where I wanted to evolve more was based on the fact that it is more easily run to handle my buying and selling with fundshares in the internetbank besides my regular cleaningjob.

Now, the first musicvideo here:

That one, about getting order in a nation again.

Ian Gillan has had his kind of band too and there about The Future Schock.

Did the future became as you presumed or was it a unpleasant surprise? Do you consider the possibilites more than your fears for the coming future?

I assume you have to answer these kind of hard questons yourself.....

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