Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When I was younger

I was involved in an interesting discussion with a musician on my proflie on FB.

We discovered that we had much of the same taste of music and we shared many thoughts.
My generation was ofte interested in hardrock, metal and symphonyrock.

Here, Suppers Ready with Genesis.....

Genesis, one of the most famous bands when it comes to symphonyrock.They became like an oldschool band for many others starting out also with the great singer Peter Gabriel.

Eventually he went his own way and then they were three.......

Without analyzing it too much one can wonder what´s behind a split in a band, of course but that´s the way as much as it is a part of the life.Time to move on, time to evolve things a little more.

When I was younger we discussed the several bands on the scene of symphonyrock and King Crimson was one of them:

On my way to discover more bands with my friends there where I grew up I also discovered 

Here, a song from Kayleigh, extended version:


The meaning and purpose for your life isn´t to be the lonely wolf, you are surrounded with many friends or you should at least be....

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