Friday, September 9, 2016

Are You A Dreamer?

Would you like to let your feelings run a lot of what you want to do?

The feelings are of course, important but don´t let them rule whole your life.What kind of ideas do you have when you are searching for the title of your song? In general, we want to be touched when we are listening to a song.

Disclose the false intentions in a time like this.

What do you want to convey with your songs? Only a feeling or something for real? Possibly both....

I assume you got the point.

The best of progressive bands have always intended to write a picture in their texts.During the 70:s
were the symphonyrockbands more frequently represented than today.

1.Search for the idea to a new song
2.Try some variation from the other songs.
3.Don´t seek to Idol if you haven´t got any talent.Then it is better for the youth, for example to fulfill their education instead.
4.Examine your own songs.

Are you a dreamer or are you in the phase where your dreams have been fulfilled instead?

Don´t stop dreaming, but forget the dreams that haven´t got a ground of reality.

Don´t stop thinking.

Of course not, you may think.


This society is so speeded up that some people don´t even have time to sit down, making a budget or two, haven´t got time to plan their shopping and they will end up in a wheel where the money are thrown away on both one way and the other.


Here is a heavy one......only the sky is the limit!

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