Friday, September 2, 2016

Catch the Rainbow

The big favorite for me in this time is definitely Don Airey.

He performs very well in Deep Purple but don´t forget his own band.

A song from the Reunion with Rainbow.

This, the story behind the Real Rainbow....


The spiritual truth behind the rainbow is taken from the Scripture.It tells us that the rainbow would be like a physical sign for the covenant between God and Noah.Imagine if we hadn´t no other colors than black and white, so poor it would be.Yet, there are many very exciting images only in black and white,

If you want to record your own songs I want to share some tips here.

If you need to evolve your ability to sing, sing along with some famous songs, you could pick them up at You Tube.

Here is one example, not only for the karaokefans but ok, that is a suitable forum for the not so experienced singer.

Don´t Hide Your Secrets!

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