Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good And Bad Trends

Are you a truthteller or do you love lies?

In fact, many people make whole careers out from lies in today´s society.They are as corrupt as gangsters and don´t care about ethics at all.

The truthtellers aren´t that obvious anymore, are they?

You have heard the expression about the foundation for the world of rock´n roll, sex drugs and rock´n roll.....

How about something better for those rockartists who are searching for something better?

Where is the depth in the lyrics today amongst useless trends of hip hop and rap, for example?

I hate rap and hip hop.

Music was really music when I grew up.I don´t want to be too oldfashioned but when I compare Deep Purple, Genesis and Pink Floyd with the artists today I can´t help but being sad about much of the evolvement.

Let us compare some of the lyrics yesterday and today with two kind of videos.One from Scorpions 
and one from a trend of music which I don´t ike at all.

Do you get the point?

The world of music is affecting the society so much that we should care about what kind of trends are the most influencial as a total.In a time where the level of knowledge is so low in the area of education we should care about finding the roots to why this is the actual situation.

Take the bull by the horns!!

Be aware of what you are listening to.What you fill your life and heart with will be filled of.One style I am starting to like and appreciate is country.

I would recommend this video with the swedish countryartist Jill Johnsson,

Finally, one of my earlier recorded songs here, made out from pure inspiration, enjoy it!

The lyrics this time in Swedish.....



My latest song here, I hope you will enjoy it....

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