Sunday, September 25, 2016

Never Give Up

I am now recording my videos with an amplifier.

It can be somewhat tricky but eventually I am going to evolve it step by step.

I have no studio but my home and it´s good, at least for now.

You´re My Inspiration!

You may wonder if I am doing any concerts.Not yet but I will see.I take it step by step and want to be open if any local musicians want to play with me.

I am fifty and in my age you don´t want to do a worldcareer.

However, running a blog is a way of expressing your interest for what you have for kind of interest.So, if you expect or compare me with the best bands in the world you may miss what I have to say but be aware of that I have played in several local bands so I believe I have something of interest to convey.

Do you want to evolve your own musicality?

Listen to music of course on a daily basis and listen again.

Don´t only listen to the latest trends but study a bit of the history and how the different trends have grown during the years.

Whatever we prefer for musicstyle, whatever we prefer to listen to, we want some kind of education and information where that style once came from.

Practise on your instrument and remember, the results never come "overnight", it takes time.......

Never Give Up!


My latest contribution is here:

Never Give Up!

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