Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don´t let anything hold you back.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Our lives contain different things which make that we hopefully are living interesting lives.

Are your life interesting?

Admit that you have to be satisfied with your work to answer yes on this question.Of course, feelings can go both up and down.Yet, you have to be satisfied with your life as a whole to make things interesting.

And here comes the music in as the fuel and energy in your situation to feed your inner need of tunes.

A big hit here suitable to the initial text here:

A classical hit.

Chicago was founded in 1967, one year after I was born, if that is for interest to you.

An idea can be everything from the theme of the song to a movie you have seen which will give you the lyrics to the song.

And your attitude to the life and your relations will decide where you are going.

I wrote this text as I have experiences of affiliate marketing in my background.I was active with internet marketing in many years with some success.I am pretty sarcastic there towards the false idea of "Get Rich Quick-Schemes" as you can notice in the lyrics.

Yet, as a whole there are pretty few opportunities which works and which holds on the long term.

Here, Attitude Is Everything:

Chicago again.One of their former members is Peter Cetera.

There, he and Cher are doing a perfromance together.

Don´t let anything hold you back!

Here, Toni Iommi and Ian Gillan in "Don´t hold me back"....


My latest song here with a sliding show....

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