Monday, October 3, 2016

From Darkness To Light

Monday morning and it is time for blogging again.

How do you feel?

When you hear that question you should politely answer, I am fine.

And that´s it, or?

To be honest our feelings go up and down.Not necessary that you have your depression but we simply have our ups and downs.We hear today that we need to decrease our weight but that´s not all.We need to watch out for the influences we might go under.

Do you ever study the lyrics in the musicworld?

What kind of message does the band have? I don´t want the kind of debate we heard about in the 70:s cause during that period we heard that nearly all of the bands were serving satan and that was an exaggerated debate, for sure.I, as a christian was told to get rid of all of my profane music and the message was the same in a later debate in the faithmovement.

Believe me, I kept the good parts of that movement but yet, the exaggerations and lack of maturity was there.

Now, how can you know what to keep and what kind of music you should get rid of.This is the crucial decision for you.Simply expressed, do you feel good or bad after a listening on specific music? _Only you can answer on this.

I can only speak for myself, I know my limits.No extreme music, no satanic or occult influence in my life.Now, that doesn´t mean I only listen to christian music but if the band has a clear satamic or occult agenda, I use to avoid it.

There are some documentaires several years ago about black metal and burning churches.

I want to give the tip that you should avoid this niche overall and stick to music that do have better lyrics and not this kind of spiritual darkness as their message.Avoid witchcraft and satanic bands.

Search for more positive messages or bands where you can notice that the lyrics more are focused around the battle between the light and black or more fairy tales.Then there is more a question of an image which is not an occult or satanic agenda.I have read about too lot of conspiracies around this theme as well.

Here above you can watch a video with the christian artist Russ Taff.He has had his periods of hard times, ups and downs as we all have now and then.

Yet, he rose again and that song is his greatest hit overall.The fruit of his music and lyrics is that one feels encouraged and uplifted.The feeling is good, very obvious good and positive.

How about the more theatralical aspect of music?

Here, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden as an example:

Here, a metalband from Finlandia with many operalike influences.When it comes to lyrics, a band which have found many influences from movies like The fairy tale about the ring.


I want to bring my contribution to you and I want to bring a good christian message to you with positive feelings.Here my latest song.

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