Sunday, October 9, 2016

Having the hands towards the heaven

Now they are showing a series in the swedish television called The Best Of Sweden.

They are setting up a list from 1-10 of the best performances in different niches.

This, the latest programs started with the swedish team who won against no less than the team from China in tabletennis.When they were entering the studio they played the very famous hit of Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town:

Latest News for me and my own band (I am recording everything on my own keyboard), is that the traffic to my blog has drastically increased the latest days.

I am grateful to all of my readers and you are also welcome to share any concrete comment you can come up with.

I have a lot of ideas all the time which give me new songs, I am very productive.You are also welcome with comments on my

Discover my different songs and share them if you want.I am not yet out playing and giving concerts so the internet is the only arena for now where I am sharing my production of music.

Talking about the specific program again they climbed up the list and came to the 8:th position and when Stefan Holm entered the stage they played this MegaHit......

Are you tempted to jump over the fence in the thinking that all the grass is greener on the other side of that fence? Are you aware of what you have if you have enough of quality?

I am sure you have a talent which you can share with us to show the potential you have.

Summarizing for today I want to share one big hit and a favorite of mine made by a famous artist from Sweden.......

Having the hands towards the heaven......


Here, my latest instrumental song called The Sky Is The Limit!

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