Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Bells Are Ringing

One can recognize that interviews are an important aspect of the marketing of rockstars.

When they are that well-known and famous they don´t need to hire a marketer to get traffic to their sites, it will come anyway.Eventhough they are aware of being seen as often as possible.

Some would say as a comment to that, isn´t that dangerous? Don´t seek fame in all its vanity.

That is much of the reasoning amongst christians and of course, they have a point with that.I don´t seek idols in vanity but I believe that I have a chance to reach out with The Good News to them, the gospel.I am a christian and I assume you have read it before.I take my belief seriously but honestly, it´s not a boring life with only spirtual laws where everything is forbidden.

I believe it is possible to reach out to the people in this world, hoping they want to be curious on the gospel.However, I won´t try to push it too hard, I want conversations that way where people in that case, are truly curious.

Concerning Gospel and its roots to much of other styles in the musicworld, take a look at this video:

Study a bit of history around it....

The roots of blues come from the gospel and the roots of rock´n roll comes from rythm and blues.So, here we have a situation in the more extreme parts of christianity where many preachers have hard even for particular styles of music.

A debate around texts is often motivated.Here an example of very extreme metal, not a favorite of mine, just as an example....


Speed Metal.....ouschhhh, far too fast!

How about this very slow one....

A favorite of mine has always been Mike Oldfield and his very unique style.An old favorite, Tubular Bells here:

The bells are ringing and as you know they are ringing on Sundays.

Don´t limit your talent.Only the sky is the limit.

Finally as a warning!

Think about how you are living your life in a time like this and.....

Avoid the Abyss!

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