Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good Education Instead

The clock is ticking.

We are living in a special time and the clock is ticking.That reminds me of a song by Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd is a favorite band, yet I don´t like when the lyrics get too depressed.Roger Waters has written many of their lyrics and his experience of the english school and society shines through his lyrics.

One has to understand that the motive for these lyrics isn´t a strange attitude towards education itself but the attitude from the teachers Roger had during his time in the english school.

I have grown up with all sorts of music and is somewhat an eater of all sorts of styles, yet not all of styles.Especially not the most extreme styles.

Asia was one of the symphonyrockbands which left an obvious impression on me.Here, one of their greatest hits:

Finally, Sabaton here.I am going to see them in April, next year.


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