Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nostradamus-he was mad, or?

Are you listening to constructive criticism or are you attacked by lies and destructive criticism?

When it comes to music it is a matter of taste what styles of music and which styles you dislike.Do you get constructive criticism or are they just mean towards you?

I have played in different smaller bands, so I am a musician since many years.

Well, today we have music on a high level of quality but the chance must remain for smaller bands and indivdual musicians to share music with others.

Here, my latest contributio to you....

A castle of belief....

If you are a believer, you should ask yourself if you have enough content in your faith that makes it hold in times of struggle and turbulence cause believe me, such times are coming sooner or later.

I am not blogging to scare oyu but the times are such that we have to prepare for what terrorists may prepare to strike the next time.A good security police is an organization that is enough aware of what terrorists are planning to strike the next time.

Don´t get too anxious now.

You want to live a good life and we can´t think about these issues all the time.

We have to learn from our history, both regards years not so many years ago and also from the past more past than just a few years ago.

What did Nostradamus predict and how much of truth does it have?

You should be somewhat sceptical towards these predictions cause they are talking about the doomsday behind the corner.Yet, you should be aware of the danger in this time and locate the real threats in different nations and we can easily see that the islamists and especially IS is the biggest danger to destroy democracy cause democracy is the best system we have, after all.

I suppose you aren´t a prophet but if you would be a biblical prophet you would be able to predict exactly a series of situation and the outcome of it.

Here, a christian song of the famous Jerusalem.That song is called It´s Mad and the text is about the biblical story about how the walls around Jericho finally were falling because of the obedience of Joshua and his army.



Got The Feeling For The Future?

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