Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nothing more than feelings

Who do we think we are?

Do you recognize that expression?

It comes from this album:

An album from 1973 with Deep Purple.

Do you like that kind of question? Can you appeal to it? Don´t misunderstand this, you are worth something.This could mean different things like what we call in Sweden, Jantelagen is like an unwritten law where you more or less think that someone is bragging about himself when he is not doing that.

Then, who are you?

I am sure you can know yourself but focus on the things in life where you know you can perform well.

Who do we think we are?

Our feelings go up and down, be calm and don´t panic.Don´t ever panic!

Our feelings may go roller coaster  but don´t make decisions when you are too upset or depressed cause you could be more than disappointed then afterwards.

Finally, my latest instrumental contribution here:

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