Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Single or Married?

It´s a rainy day and everything is fun.

It is always fun, everything in all aspects and situations of the life....

No, that would be to lie.

Rain is a heavy thing.The sun has got a positive psychological effect.We had a christian artist, Laila Dahl who had a song there, After rain comes the sunshine.Now, leaves are falling.We all are living different lives.What are routines for the family aren´t the same routines for the single people, for example.

As you noticed in my former blogpost I have started out with a slideshow to my musicvideos.It took a while to figure out how the technique was set for that but when I did it was easy to get in place, as always.It is somewhat a bit of challenge to figure out the pattern for it.Yet, with the experience you have after many years of internetknowledge you soon can manage it.

 I would be glad if the family would be getting stronger in today´s society but it isn´t.

The number of divorces are higher than ever, 50% of all marriages in Sweden ends in divorces.

I would guess that number one reason is the attitude which people have when they are entering a marriage.

Honestly, how long would they want it to last?

Not many seems to make a commitment for the whole life today, only a part of it.Already there we have a reason for the increasing number o divorces.

Value the children more, they are victims in those situations:

Yeah, Pretty Child there with Indus Creed.

Even if we are living as singles or with family we are worth a lot to our living God.

The worth of your life is very precious, don´t forget that.

Single or Married, that is the question.It could be changed over your next date.

I am sure you recognize the Wedding March here:


Here is my latest slideshow....

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