Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Underdogs

Everyone won´t like your music, that´s it!

Almost everyone will like my music....hehe   lol.

Yet you will have your fans whether you will play in a very famous band or a smaller band.

Even if you are starting with pretty small resources, it could grow what you are doing.

Don´t care too much what people are saying, some will like what you are playing for kind of music and others won´t like it.Focus on the people which like what you do.Do you listen to your own music? Don´t spend time on useless ideas, make the music you like.

Simply, you have to stand out in your compositions, you have to find your niche with your style.

Time to get to the interview part of this blogpost.This time we will see an interview with Alice Cooper.

He has changed, he is a christian today.

Today the americans are going to vote for their president candidate.Who is going to win.The winner takes it all! Is it always so? Isn´t silver and bronze worth anything at all?

Of course it is but we as humans often think like that.

The most of us won´t achieve the gold but hopefullt we will achieve the things in life we want.Alright, if it´s gold someone will achieve, let it be like that.

Top Ten Underrated Guitarists Here:

The Underdogs Are Coming!!

News Update!!!

Here is my message to The World Leaders:

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