Tuesday, December 20, 2016

And your journey in the life?

Do you like any of the TOP TENlists that exists?

Here comes another TOP-TENlist that lists the suggested best drummer in the world due to the maker of this video:

Of course, this list would vary from one list to another, however many times they would suggest the same, I suppose.

When we are getting close to Christmas we have to submit some classical christmassongs, not to forget our traditional roots.

Here, a happy one and thereafter a Happy Chanukkasong.....

with the cozy Adam Sandler.

We all have our favoritesongs and favoritestyles through the years.They can vary but when you are more grown up you could be amazed how you yet appreciate the bands you listened to when you were younger.

If you are a musician, do your lyrics reflect who you are?

Did you grow up with High Hopes?

Let me take you on my journey again and share my latest song with with reasonable expectations that you would like it.....

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