Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More than an imitation

Elvis wrote a lot of songs to enrichen us all, even if I was a small guy when he had his era.

I have travelled to Cyprus two times and I have seen many attempts to sound and look like Elvis there.They are having different contests on that theme as well.

They are having some fun there.One very strong show is the watershow they are having there.

Magic Dancing Waters Here:

I have travelled a lot through Europe with a friend but never have I visited Vienna.

Ultravox, one of the many bands one have been inspired by during the years.Let me take a new example of bands here which shouldn´t be underestimated, Mezzoforte.....

A great band and only instrumental.That shows that bands with an instrumental agenda can be great too.

My latest contribution is more than an imitation, from my own production:

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