Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Share Your Music

We are in between Christmas and New Years Eve.

And the question appears:

Have you made any New Years Resolution?

Keep in mind that you shouldn´t make any promises you won´t be able to hold.

You may need ideas for such promises.The best is, of course to come up with your own ideas but 
if you don´t have sufficient ideas you could even get tips for resolution ideas.

Getting ideas for songs could be a challenge.Well, if you are keen on writing poetry you should know by now that metaphors are very useful to compose a good poem.You don´t have to rhyme every time you are creating lyrics to a new song and every poem doesn´t need rhyme every time either.Just make sure that your lyrics are saying something to your fans or regular listeners.

George Michael was a member in Wham and unfortunately he has recently passed away.

Careless Whisper there, another song composed by George.

Have you heard the expression.....food for thoughts?

When you lack of ideas you may need food for thoughts to new lyrics.

Then when you have composed, say around 50 songs you may want to sort them out keeping....say...
approximately 10 songs as your favorite for a coming concert?   .....(maybe).

However, don´t forget that you always have the option of sharing your material on the internet, preferably You Tube.

Finally I have wishes for you to be able to find your way in Hollywood.....so you won´t be 


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