Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Absolutely.....Stay Tuned.

Stay tuned, for God´s sake pronounce it in the proper manner.

Some people treat their languages in this time as they don´t have any education at all.My God, how much of education they need and I am talking about basic education.

Not to mention the immigrants coming to our land, causing a lot of problems as throwing stones at the police, causing damages here and there, raping our girls and women and much more.

Now, it isn´t the only aspect of problems in society but they are in fact causing a lot of problems.Many years ago we had a more controlled migration to our country but today it is somewhat a mess and need to be much more controlled.We are talking about more powerful action from the police and national forces but also more of the old values coming back to foster the youngsters.

I don´t care if I get critized on this topic cause I have seen enough in my nation where I have grow up.We are many swedes that don´t even recognize our own country any more.

A band which has met false accusations that they are nazis and racists is this VikingRockBand called

Ultima Thule

In Sweden we have a lot of problems with the extreme left wing people always claiming that anyone is a racist as soon as we are talking a little bit about our national heritage and history overall.We can see these patterns all over the world today, although the national conservatives have come to stay.

Believe me, nothing can stop a movement that has a mandate to breakthrough with ideas to bring order to this society of today.It isn´t a question of racism, it is a question of law and order, of reasonable immigration and not massimmigration.

This isn´t a political blog, although I have the freedom to speech and now I will proceed to the next video here about our cultural heritage in Sweden......enjoy!

Me and some friends are travelling to outside Frölunda Borg, near the second largest city of Sweden, Gothenburg, to watch Sabaton, with bands as Accept and Twilight Force playing before.

Finally the latest song by Sabaton......


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