Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On The Head Of The Serpent

A piece of history on christian rock.

Christian Rock and its roots.

Two of the bands with the most influence for me are Koinonia and Jerusalem.

There are others like Stryper and Resurrection Band.

Look at these videos here:

I remember how we went to Gothenburg (Scandinavium) to watch big concerts there with these bands....(Jerusalem and Koinonia).I remember how artists like Carman and Phil Driscoll made their impression as well.

Historically we have seen a lot of the gospel make ground for many bands that came thereafter.
Ok, must a christian stick to solely christian music or could we choose amongst profane music as well?
Of course, that´s a question every christian must answer on an individual basis.For me I prefer to be free there to listen to such bands that are speaking to me on one or the other way as long as it isn´t an obvious occult influence or satanic agenda.

If we demand every christian to get rid of all the profane music we should demand the same on areas like books and movies as well.

I don´t think that is a realistic agenda.

To give honor to Messiah through the music should be the ultimate praise for every human being in song, lifestyle and even acts to give all glory to God.

Many, many christian songs reflect the spiritual warfare between God and satan in many songs, here is one amongst them.....

Jesus defeated the devil on the cross in one way.That doesn´t mean he can´t damage or destroy peoples lives, especially through the poison called sin.

You can keep the evilness away especially through good and sound habits as the devil loves when people are given to lives in the hard sin.

Finally my latest contribution here about The Forest.The meaning of the lyrics is to find your way back to the Lord again if you have been lost on your ways the latest years.

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