Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Filmmusic, what theme?

Instrumental song or a song with lyrics.

That´s the question.

I am flexible I am focused on energy.Not too much, of course, I must get up every day and do my duties which is good.However, to have passion and energy is what I am focused around.

I got a question from a woman who listened to my latest song there.She loved the song, then she conveyed some constructive criticism which can be ok, if it has substance and only then.It´s ok, we all need to evolve what we are doing, that is of course true.

I have been a musician for many years, yet I have much to learn.Of course, we don´t have all the knowledge, we need to be sharpened and as mentioned evolve what we are playing with.

Today´s music or the music from the passed?

I have touched that.Here I come to this day´s theme, filmmusic.

I remember an old movie where the story is about a german submarine from WW2.Even if they were on the german side one could understand one point and purpose of the content in it, namely that one should see the individuals on that side too.

Of course, they were on the wrong side but yet individuals.Everyone were glad then that the germans were defeated.The war was ended but the losses amongst lives were apocalyptic.Now, the point this time is the strong and passionate song which became the theme for this movie.

One of the most well-known themes comes of course from the old Starwars and the battle between good and evil there.....

There are many variations and covers on those themes and yet so many other well-known themes in other movies like A Few Good Men.

Movies around trials can be very exciting and focused around what is right and wrong both from a juridicial perspective and also an ethical angle.

Do you believe that your mission is possible or impossible? Is your mission complete? Not as long as you are on this earth.You will need a lifetime to fulfill your mission on Mother Earth.


My latest instrumental here....

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