Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Creation

Some people have a cruel perspective on life.

The most extreme muslims read and follow strange ideas in their life and they are the only ones going to the "party".

Some years ago my neighbour had a normal party and noone didn´t thought it was a problem but when I heard the muslims came running up in the staircase they shouted Allah Akhbar.

What else, they don´t understand the culture we are living in even if the most normal or secular of them have a more sound approach to the western culture.

We as humans must be able to enjoy the life and good music is of course one of the most basic needs we have.

What kind of psychological effect do good music have on us humans?

You don´t want to be hypnotized, eh?

Here, a video about specific music in marketplaces and stores.

Now you were surprised, or?

He, he.....that was indeed a concrete example.I assume you were thinking about background music there and that was honestly my first thought on it.

Many talents are born spontaneously and in relation to a songcontest or something similar.

Like Idol, of course....

For us that haven´t been singing so much in the bands we have been playing with it can be a challenge to evolve the singing.However, I have got much of good feedback both on my keyboardplaying and my singing so I suppose it´s a meaning to proceed, anyway.

I believe there has to be a Creator behind the creation.

Alright, another one.In my opinion, rock comes from God, the roots are right...



This one is called Are You A Follower?

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