Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Progressive Waters

What would you think if I would mention George Orwell?

Of course the book 1984, first and foremost.

How about the movie built on the book, have you seen it?

Orwell wrote this book 1948! and it was published the year after.Read about the content to it.

I am sure you know why I am taking on the subject, namely the patterns of the society today where many corrupt politicians and other "mighty" men and women are playing the game with us "average" people who don´t know as much as the "elite".

This is at least their attitudes many times.In such times have always more honest politicians began to act in a new way to show their criticism to the elite amongst the political elite.In such times we often see that a kind of progressive music is taking place in the musicworld wishing to replace the rotten kind of cheap styles that often are destroying the musicindustry overall.

During the 70:s we could see this kind of style in the progressive music:

Several different interpretations can be find here at this forum.

And the progressive music of today, how does it sound and most well-known artist?

Seriously, they are considering that kind of music today as progressive music, times are changing!

In my world they should work a little more on the content of the lyrics to consider that kind of techno and housemusic to be considered as progressive music.

Don Airey, the organist of  Deep Purple, has done a lot of progressive music and here I want to share one instrumental and one with Deep Purple where he is the organist.

Finally, my latest contributions again.

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